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This page will most likely end up polluted with the story, characters, factions, and locations from my "story" that I am writing(or at least attempting to write).

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ALSO..... Edit

I appear to have neglected to mention that since this IS a class wiki and therefore will also contain "Important Class Assignments" according to this piece of paper, and the gun to my head. So due to some of my "story's" graphically violent content, and I mean VIOLENT, there will be many little ghosts editing choice words and descriptions of characters and events. Hopefully, this will prevent comments such as "Watch your mouth" or "That's disgusting" and even "OH GOD HIS HEAD DID WHAT!?"...the last of which I was actually looking forward to.

Basically, if you can watch Rambo and somehow laugh, and not be disturbed, GET OUT. Nothing here will be THAT gruesome, but it also isn't weak like that Twilight you sissies enjoy either.