Bellville High School Theatre Edit

Bellville High School Theatre is very excited for the upcoming production of "An Evening With Poe", a collaboration of 5 different Edgar Allen Poe plays. We are also looking forward to the One Act Play (OAP) later in the spring. Our goal this year would definitely make it to State, but because of last years non-advancement to District, District is our main focus at this point.


"An Evening With Poe" Edit

This play consists of 5 different Edgar Allen Poe productions. We are planning on production of the play on December 4th and 6th, but these dates are liable to change before then. Prices of tickets are still being discussed but the amount of $5 is being thrown around a lot.

OAP Edit

The play to be performed for OAP is not yet known due to UIL rules. Auditions for OAP is thought to be during the first week back from Christmas holidays. We are really hoping to advance to District and advance even further, possibly even travel to State. Winning State would not only bring a lot of money back to the School, but also raise the budget for the Bellville Theatre for next year. With higher budgets, productions would become greater and eventually we could build the program back to what it used to be!

Fundraisers Edit

Last year, some of the theatre cast and crew of the fall play went door to door for donations. This year we want to step it up a notch and give a tangeable reward for donations. We have not yet decided on what to produce, but I will let you all know as soon as I do.

For more information on any upcoming productions or donations, contact me at: Edit